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Carlo Bernardini. Carlo Bernardini.,
Carlo Bernardini.

Carlo Bernardini.


Physics #1. Time dilation. (by andrzej dragan)

ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment

cdak by Quite & orange (Final version) | 4k intro (FullHD 1080p HQ demoscene demo) (by Annikras)

pharoah sanders

A man set down to my left, hands covered in rings, a black watch on his left wrist, a white watch on his right. One for the inner and one for the outer time I think, but both show the same time right now, so he is in the right place, an old tightrope walker with clocks racing to balance him. He writes in his notebook as he listens to the music, nodding and humming to himself.

Dmitri is drawing the music on my right, the long saxophone notes swooping across the page, the cascading staccatos of the piano tinkling short asymmetric slashes on the paper. The time of the song collapses into and over itself, flattened on the page the representation of drawn out moments becomes an incomprehensible jumble, the projection from immeasurable higher dimensions filtered through the rose crystal of his hands.

Listening to jazz as a passive experience, mind-only experience seems wrong, the music demands movement, interaction with the listener - appreciation on a purely cognitive level feels barren somehow. A musician is a magician, with dancer colluding secretly to create something that exists never but in the sway of the hips, the glint of the eye, the rhythm of the heart plucked by the bassist’s hands. I feel guilty sitting down, passive, unable to join the sounds shaking me.

The drummer continues his solo, pouring intricate rhythms with abandon. A drum’n’bass dj would be proud, though this crowd would not applaud him so.

The bass player’s fingers wander up and down the strings carelessly, attentively, lost in the wonder of his instrument, exploring it as if for the first time, as if meeting a new lover.

The master saxophonist dances slowly in his creaky old man way, joyous with the sound. He takes a break in every song, letting the music spread and narrow again, ambling off the stage, then wandering back, almost absentmindedly bringing the saxophone to his lips and rejoining the conversation.

The craziest date ever...

Traveling with no possessions across 21 countries… awesome!

Phillip Askew & Lydia Walker - Variations On Surya Namaskara (Music by Jonah Rank) (by Jonah Rank)